Parts of Medicare

MEDICARE PART A: The portion of Medicare which was the initial protection, assists in covering hospital expenses and is titled as: Medicare Part A.

MEDICARE PART B: An additional section of Medicare covers the expenses for various supplies and doctors visits beyond the hospital and approved clinics. This program was developed to add to the protection for those people who have qualified for basic Medicare coverage. This is Medicare Part B.

MEDICARE PART C: Plans created which were Medicare approved including medical coverage through private health organizations: such as PPO’s and HMO’s, also known as Medicare Advantage Plans. These are included under Medicare Part C.

MEDICARE PART D: The most recent addition to Medicare is for prescription drug protection. It requires membership in Medicare prior to applying for the drug coverage. This excellent new protection is part of Medicare Part D.

From having read the brief descriptions included above, you should have a basic understanding of your eligibility. Medicaid and Medicare benefit programs are supervised by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Be aware that Medicare will not pay for all health and medical expenses, but it assists in paying for health care. Generally, those who are 65 and otherwise pass the qualification standards may be approved for this program offered by the U.S. Government. There are exceptions where younger people may qualify, such as those suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Illness, permanent kidney failure, and people with disabilities.